Why did Charles Murch join the Executives Association of San Diego

Hi, I’m Charles Murch with Berkshire Hathaway, home services, California properties. I’m a residential real estate agent, and I hope people buy and sell homes here in San Diego.

The reason I joined the executives association at San Diego is really twofold. Number one, it’s the history of the organization that it has unlike most of other organizations outside. This one has been around since 1923 and has a ton of history throughout San Diego with the business owners and the movers and shakers of the industry. The second reason obviously, was to get referrals and there really are quality referrals that you get here because you’re getting them from the business owners, CEOs, people like that. And then many times the referral loan is enough to get you the business.

I learned about the San Diego execs a lot partially through my dad. As far as growing up, my dad was a member, was an associate. He was a member of Barney and Barney, which is one of the founding members of the organization in 1923. And my dad was in the organization. And whenever he talked about this organization and the businesses that were there, and then the quality, uh, businesses that they had, and my dad would often refer me if I needed a service or something like that. My dad referred me to them because he knew the trusted people there and they would take care of me. And I think that’s one of the things that got me into the organization.

What keeps me coming to the weekly executives meetings is really that I get to learn something about the businesses consistently, no matter how long I’ve been in this org, I’ve been in this organization since 2001, and I still learn new things about each individual business every week. And if it wasn’t for coming here, listening to what people are are saying, I wouldn’t have that knowledge to be able to go ahead and refer, refer that business out. And also in many cases to refer them to my clients and it helps, it helps me look better when I am able to refer them to a trusted source like that. The most important benefit I get from being an execs member is really the ability to go do directly to the owner or the CEO of a company. If I sit there and I have a client that I would like to refer to them or someone that I know that could use their services, I can go directly to that person. And I’m assured that my client friend, family member is gonna get the best service they can possibly be out there.

I think one of the biggest differences between the execs association is San Diego and other groups is, is that the people that you have entered generally speaking in a lot of other groups, you have sales reps and, uh, people like that. And I think the people you have in this organization is you have the CEOs, you have the owners of the business, there’s sort of the senior leadership and really the people that can get things done. And if you need something done at a business, they can do that. Not only that, but the influence in the people that they know within the San Diego community, the business community act allows you to access doors that you not necessarily would be able to get. And I don’t think you get from many other organizations.