Why did Newman Windows and Doors Join the Executives Association of San Diego

Duncan Newman Owner of Newman Windows & Doors


Hi, I’m Duncan Newman. I’m the president and CEO of Newman replacement windows. We’ve been in business now for 25 years. Uh, since I used to have much darker hair and we have three locations  in San Diego, Carlsbad in the north county, and, uh, Mission Viejo in Orange County. I chose to join the execs after I, uh, came for a lunch. I was invited by John Peak. And, uh, the first concentration I saw was, uh, Jamie Oggle from Lloyd’s pest control.

They had been members since 1969, and I was absolutely amazed at the quantity of companies that I was familiar with and the longevity, the amount of, um, family businesses that were in their second and third and fourth generation, uh, and a great, great group group of people.

What keeps me coming to the meetings every Monday is the interaction, uh, the social aspect of meeting people in a way that I would typically not be as lucky enough to have happen. If I were just at a, a regular meeting, uh, I go to other associations and, uh, you don’t get the same sort of level of interaction. You don’t learn as much about other people. Uh, I love the concentrations.

You get a really in depth view of what that company’s really all about. And you also find about, find out about this stuff, but you didn’t know that they do the benefit that I receive from being an execs member. Um, first of all, lots and lots of business, uh, in my first year of joining execs, I think I sold seven or eight house fulls of windows to members, but on top of that, I get the referrals from people who are in business, doing what I do, and they refer me to hundreds or if not, thousands of more people. So my circle of influence just grows and grows and grows.

The main difference that I see, uh, with the executives association of San Diego and other networking groups is purely the people, the people here are tried, vetted, tested. They are the best at what they do. And I would trust them every time with any project that I have.

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