Why did Glenn Younger Join The Executives’ Association of San Diego

I’m , Glenn Younger, I’m the owner of grow safe and lock. We work on doors, access control, things like that. Grah’s been in business since 1914 and, uh, I’ve owned the business for the last 14 years. So asked the former owner, uh, for advice and things I should and shouldn’t do. And he said, the most important thing I should do is if I could get accepted, was to apply to execs.
I did and was I’ve been here ever since what keeps me coming to the weekly meetings. Uh, part of it is just habit. Part of it’s a routine. Uh, it’s an opportunity to make sure that I can check in with people that we do business with, or that might wanna do business with us. The benefits I receive from being an execs member primarily are the access to people who can help my business and who I might be able to help their business as a referral group.

San Diego executive association is significantly different in that it is a group of, uh, the leading members of that organization, the presidents and CEOs of groups. And so you’re not talking to sales people, other people who might be necessarily the consumers, but you’re talking to other people who are running businesses oftentimes much like yours.
You’re able to share notes and referrals and advice and get advice from other people who have businesses oftentimes very similar to yours, uh, and working with the same type of customers.