Pay It Forward Processing features the Clover line of POS products for its customers

PFProcessing is a nationwide full-service Merchant Card Processing company, and their executive team has over 53 years of direct business experience with 23 years in the processing industry. Providing their clients with stellar customer service is their mission and putting the best tools at clients’ disposal is part of that service. Because of this commitment, PFProcessing features the Clover line of POS products.

The Clover point-of-sale system greatly simplifies several routine business tasks. In addition to accepting payments, it can track customers, staff, inventory and sales. Clover easily adapts to the specific needs of any business. Top-notch security and fully integrated hardware ensure maximum reliability.

With a Clover POS system and a PFP Merchant account businesses are able to process transactions quickly, obtain helpful technical support and access business data from any location.

Clover has its own app store, so merchants can easily download and install extra software on their system, allowing users to fully customize to their company’s needs. Although Clover POS offers many sophisticated internet features, it also has an offline mode that lets merchants accept credit and debit cards during an internet outage. Their advanced security features protect businesses and customers from a range of financial threats. Clover backs up sales data to a remote server (using a secure connection) so businesses can recover information if they lose access to their equipment. This comes in handy when fire damages a POS system or someone steals it.

The Clover line of products also encrypts electronic payment information before sending it out for processing. This prevents hackers from gaining access to credit card numbers or signatures. Data breaches can hurt a company’s reputation and put customers at risk for identity theft, so Clover takes this aspect of security very seriously.

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