Ideal Plumbing Heating & Air offers air purifying systems for home and office to its customers

With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic much research has been done on what situations promote the transmission of viruses in general. Being in closed rooms with recirculated air ventilation systems has been identified as a major risk factor for transmitting all sorts of pathogens; it’s one of the reasons for authorities recommending outdoor – as opposed to indoor – dining in public establishments to reduce disease transmission.

Ideal Plumbing Heating & Air is offering clients an effective way to improve their indoor air quality, whether at home or in an office environment: the APCO-X Air Purifier. APCO® is a whole-house air purifier that uses activated carbon and germ-killing UV-C light to remove odors, chemicals, and biological contaminants for the lifetime of your air system. APCO® also extends the life of the air system by keeping it cleaner.

APCO® detoxes the air with a process called photocatalytic oxidation (a technology similar to the catalytic converter on your car’s exhaust). The UV light reacts with titanium dioxide infused into the carbon which effectively disintegrates the captured contaminants, leaving only harmless water vapor and CO₂ which are released back into the air. This process leaves the carbon cells clean so they never fill up or need to be replaced. The result is clean, odor-free air throughout your home or office. Since APCO® installs directly into the central air system, the air is purified and circulated throughout the whole structure, so there is no need for individual room air purifiers.

To get more information about this technology and inquire about installation in your home or office, please call Ideal Plumbing Heating & Air at (619) 583-7963.