Altus Schools fully reopened on May 3rd

Traditional brick-and-mortar schools experienced enormous challenges in developing actionable plans to educate and motivate their students through the various stages of the Coronavirus pandemic. Altus Schools, a consortium of 7 charter schools across Southern California serving 8,000 K-12 students annually, was able to take its unique approach to learning and adapt it quickly and seamlessly to the task of effectively educating its students during the pandemic. Now that schools in Southern California are opening to students and families again, Altus Schools continues to lead the way back to normalcy, highlighting freedom of choice for their families and safety for students, teachers and staff. These plans include:

  • Monday May 3rd all Resource Centers opened 5 days a week to serve students.
  • Instructional staff (Teachers, CTRs, Instructional Admin) returned to their pre-COVID work schedules.
  • All students have regular access to the Resource Centers on a voluntary basis.  The students that want to remain virtual can do so.
  • All Resource Center COVID-19 safety procedures will remain in effect with slight modifications.
  • Resource Center student hours schedules will be adjusted and vary by site.  Instructional teams will work on site specific schedules with teachers.
  • All Communication and Knowledge Management System (CKMS) Method meetings such as AU, Department, APAC, Faculty, Office and Instructional Meetings will continue to take place online through TEAMS.
  • IEP Meetings will continue to take place online through TEAMS or Zoom.
  • SPED service providers can continue to service students virtually or in-person.

Altus Schools share the philosophy of putting students first in education. Their schools focus on improving student achievement, creating prototypes for educational reform, and improving the quality of life for students, their families, and their communities. These nonprofit, State-funded, free public schools redefine how teachers teach and students learn! Every student enjoys the benefits of a custom-built course plan, one-on-one attention from teachers, individualized college and career planning, and a flexible schedule that meets their academic and personal needs. Their teachers are committed to providing a personalized and rigorous academic experience for each student.

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