NACM Commercial Services helps your business develop and enforce effective credit policies

NACM Commercial Services helps your business develop and enforce effective credit policies

  • December 9, 2020
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Everyone knows how their personal credit history and credit report influence their private life: whether you can get a mortgage for your house, buy a new car on a payment plan, or finance your child’s education all depend upon companies being willing to extend you credit. But what about the view of credit from the side of the business owner? How does a business know what sort of credit terms it can offer a customer? What are the risks? What can a business owner do if a customer does not pay their bills on time… or at all? Simply assuming that all customers will pay the invoices that are sent to them is naive and risky for the long-term health of a business.

This is where NACM Commercial Services can become your trusted partner. Their core services include:

  • Business Credit Reports
  • Collection Agency Services
  • Industry Credit Groups
  • Continuing Education

When a business has functioning, up-to-date credit policies that are carried out consequentially, that business will increase sales by extending credit only to credit-worthy customers and minimize risk of loss by restricting/denying credit to non-credit-worthy applicants. With these policies in place, a business can be sure that a positive cash flow will allow them to operate successfully and avoid any cash shortfalls that can threaten a business’ existence.

Let Greg and his team have a look at the credit practices in your business and help you design a plan that assures your long-term success. For more information, visit the NACM Commercial Services website at or email Greg Garner at

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