Ferris & Britton takes the worry out of estate planning

No one likes to think about estate planning; we are all going to live forever, correct? Regardless of how uncomfortable the subject may be, not planning for the disposition of your assets when you are no longer here can mean headaches and financial consequences for the people you care about most. You are not alone in avoiding this subject; just in the past few years, several celebrities with large estates (Aretha Franklin and Prince, for example) passed away without having any written plans for their assets. Gary Moyer, Managing Partner at Ferris & Britton, has made estate planning one of his signature services for his clients and is ready to help you put your affairs in order.

When the average person thinks about estate planning their first thought is taxes. Death taxes, however, apply to only a very small percentage of us, especially in California. There are issues though that affect your estate while you are still alive: Disability/Incapacitation and Powers of Attorney in health and property matters, should you become incapacitated. Without the correct paperwork in these areas you are tying the hands of your loved ones and medical caregivers. The better you plan, the more autonomy and decision-making capacity you preserve.

Even when you are no longer here, there are a host of issues about which you may want to leave an enduring message. Who receives your assets? When do they receive your assets? What can and can’t they do with those assets once they have received them? What do you want to happen to your business (if you are a business owner)? These are just a few of the questions that need to be considered.

If even just thinking about all these issues makes you break out in a sweat, the message here is: no need to worry! Gary and his team of professionals at Ferris & Britton will guide you through the entire process of analyzing and securing your estate, so you can rest easy knowing that all eventualities have been taken into account and planned for to your satisfaction. For more information about Ferris & Britton please visit their website here.