When Members Work Together

When Members Work Together

Now that companies can get out and market their products, Linda Neumann of Brilliant Marketing Ideas
wanted to host their customer event. She chatted with Lisa Miller of Koi Zen Cellars and Lisa suggested
hosting it at her Urban Winery.

The event was held in December of 2022, and they worked together to provide a meaningful, yet fun
show for Linda’s customers. She also invited the Executive Members to join them for a day of looking at
new marketing products and getting ideas for the new year.

“This was one of the most successful events we have held. Our customers all commented on the
unique, yet warm and friendly environment. So far two weeks later we have generated more than
$40,000 in revenue and we know there is more to come. Thank you to Lisa and her staff at Koi Zen
Cellars for the incredible service and support”.

That is what membership is all about. Supporting each other, using each other’s businesses and bringing
each other together in an effort to generate revenue.

The event was so successful that Linda will be hosting another one in September of 2023 to showcase
products for the 2023 holiday season. It is never too early to start next year’s plans!