OVER $2,000,000 in Business Has Been Generated

OVER $2,000,000 in business has been generated between The San Diego Executive Association over the
past six months of 2022. And yes, we do like to talk about it!

Being a member of The Executive Association of San Diego has many benefits. Not only do you build
connections and friendships with other business owners, to benefit your bottom line. In just the past
size months, from the businesses that report, our membership has helped each other generate over $2
million dollars in revenue for their companies.

In the early 1920’s there was a general business decline and some local San Diego business owners
joined together to create this organization that was designed for one purpose. To promote, facilitate
and further the interchange of business information, that will enable members to secure new business
and thereby make money.

Today as we head into challenging times, our organization has not changed the sole purpose. Weekly
gatherings of members take place for the purpose of helping each other achieve their individual goals.
Referring business to each other is just one of the ways The Executive Association of San Diego
accomplishes this.

Go ahead and give us a try! Contact Charles Murch to see how The Executive
Association of San Diego can benefit your business.