The Executive Association of San Diego is proud to announce that Sanjiv Prabhakaran, President and CEO, has been recognized as a finalist for the prestigious CEO of the Year award by the San Diego Business Journal (SDBJ).

This nomination highlights Mr. Prabhakaran’s exceptional leadership and significant contributions to the business community in San Diego.

 Bytes ( is a San Diego-based custom software solutions provider that empowers small to midsize businesses by integrating cutting-edge technology into their operations. Since 2002, Founder and President Sanjiv Prabhakaran and his team have been assisting clients worldwide. Bytes specializes in developing tailored web portals and mobile apps to address complex day-to-day operational challenges. Additionally, they create sleek, modern websites that enhance employee morale, boost user engagement, and improve cash flow. With over 25 years of management expertise, Bytes offers a comprehensive range of services, including software outsourcing, web and mobile development, and innovative solutions in IoT and sensor applications.

For more information please call Sanjiv at 1-888-988-2983 or email him at