The Executive Association of San Diego (EASD) is pleased to announce Michael Sedio, VP, Chief Operations Officer, & General Council for the BBB of the Pacific Southwest, has been elected as the Board of Directors Chair of the Association.

Michael Sedio is a dynamic leader with a wealth of experience and a passion for our mission. Michael has been with Better Business Bureau, where he has worked for over 16 years. We look forward to seeing what Michael has envisioned for the Association.

A Southern California native, he grew up in a little north county town called Valley Center. He graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law and passed the California bar exam in 2013.

Michael is married and has two kids. After a brief time living in the city and some more time in the suburbs, he moved his family back to Valley Center in late 2017. When not playing with the kids, reading, or pulling weeds, Michael loves to go hiking.

The BBB occasionally lets him talk about consumer protection and business ethics on panels, TV, or the radio, but for the most part, you can find Michael at the San Diego BBB campus or working from his home office. He often stares at a giant dry-erase board as though it will give him the insights that usually evade him. Last thing, he goes by Michael or Mike, your choice.

About the Association:

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