The Best To You, a trailblazer in the “Gift Basket” industry, celebrates almost 4 decades of crafting some of the most unique gift baskets for their customers.

The Best To You is known as an expert in custom design, personalization, elegant presentations, and transforming gifting into an experience.

The Best To You (TBTY), a family-owned gifting company in San Diego, is celebrating nearly four decades in business. TBTY has been honored to create gift baskets for some of the largest corporations, prestigious hotels, and real estate companies.

Linda and Barry Gorin, owners of TBTY, had a personal desire to have a special gift to send to family, friends, and co-workers other than flowers, so they created TBTY gift baskets. When the company started business in 1985, gift baskets were a fledgling industry. TBTY has become a leader in their industry, always coming up with new and innovative gift creations that “think outside the basket”—now offering new types of gift baskets with coolers, nesting boxes, charcuterie boards, trays, toolboxes, guitar cases, pasta strainers, salad bowls, planters, burlap tote bags, with high-end specialty items in them instead of a traditional gift basket to mention a few.

The Best To You has witnessed big changes and watched the industry grow by leaps and bounds! The global gift boxes market was valued at around USD 1.6 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach 2.6 billion by 2030.

The Best To You features the best-selling categories in the industry: Themed gift baskets – corporate and personal, – Backpacks, themed wood cutting and serving boards (piano, golf, guitar, football, and more), fabric organizers, bed and breakfast trays, wood crates, health & spa, coffee, tea, wine, Champaign, and many more to choose from locally and regionally.

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