Sloan Electromechanical puts energy efficiency at the forefront of their business model

For Jerry Gray, the owner of Sloan Electromechanical Service & Sales in San Diego, the decision to embrace efficiency and “go green” was an easy one. “It was just the morally right thing to do,” said Gray. “It wasn’t a business decision. To me it was an emotionally driven decision. I’m very concerned about the environment.”

Gray and his employees at Sloan, a provider of motor, generator, and control services, have been continually concerned about rising power costs. According to Gray, San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), the utility that services their region, is still one of the most expensive utilities around. “To focus on energy efficiency was also a long-term business decision because we could see where the country and manufacturing was going,” said Gray. “But it was primarily about the values—my personal values and our company’s values. Talking with my employees, we all agreed this was the right thing to do. We didn’t want to be like everyone else out there, or at least our perception of everyone else. We wanted to do the right thing.”

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