Park West Dental and San Diego Dental Studio institute stringent COVID-19 hygiene protocols

The oral cavity is the “Window to the Body”, and never has this been more obvious than during the Coronavirus pandemic. Maintaining our dental health is a vital piece of our overall medical care, but many patients have been justifiably reticent to return to the dentist’s office. Park West Dental and San Diego Dental Studio understood their patients’ concerns and invested heavily in new technology and upgraded procedures to make sure that patients feel absolutely safe in coming to the practice for both routine and urgent care. These upgrades include:

  • Screening each patient in their vehicles before they come into the office and eliminating indoor waiting rooms
  • Taking the temperature and blood oxygen saturation of each patient
  • Staff members have their vitals taken each day
  • Extra disinfection and microbe barriers in place in the treatment rooms
  • Air purification units within the office and medical grade air purifiers installed in the central HVAC system
  • Stringent vacuuming of aerosols generated by the dental tools
  • Use of 3D printing technology to fabricate tools to aid in vacuuming of aerosols and to make reusable masks
  • Fogging of the offices for disinfection with Hypochlorous Acid
  • Increasing the amount of personal protective equipment worn by staff members
  • Patient pre-rinsing with peroxide and water prior to having treatment performed
  • Upgraded office vacuum systems and installing onsite laundries for washing reusable gowns.

Both practices, Park West Dental in Hillcrest (website) and San Diego Dental Studio in Sorrento Valley (website), are welcoming new patients. Enjoy absolute peace of mind while practicing good dental health!