Kahala Travel’s clients experience stress-free response to pandemic

If you think that, in the age of self-booking internet travel sites, using a travel advisor is old fashioned and cumbersome, it’s time to reconsider your position. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit and leisure travel quickly ground to a halt, travelers who booked their own travel were left with the tedious and frustrating task of cancelling their travel plans. Stories of hours hanging on the phone waiting for customer service representatives to answer – along with airlines, hotels and cruise lines being unwilling or unable to offer refunds – were being heard from travelers everywhere. For Kahala Travel clients, however, the story was a different one. One call to their travel advisor was all it took, and Kahala Travel’s first-class service handled the rest. Kahala and their network of travel professionals knew exactly what to do and how best to advocate for their clients. The frustration of a cancelled trip was not compounded by hours of red tape and confusion.

But the story does not end there. Do you want to reschedule your trip? When is the best time to consider resuming your travel plans? Are there destinations that will be opening sooner than others? Where and when can we resume travelling safely? Kahala Travel’s years of experience and expertise can guide you in making the best decisions for your future travel. Travel may be sidelined for now… but dreaming and planning are not! For more information, visit Kahala Travel’s website here.