Jordan Marks – County of San Diego Assessor, Recorder, County Clerk speaks at The Executives’ Association of San Diego

Key takeaways: (Just to mention a few)

  1. The County of San Diego’s Assessors, Recorder, and County Clerks office has a $90 million operating budget and over 450 staff members.
  2. Issued 23,538 marriage licenses in 2023. Performed 13,188 civil ceremonies by county clerk staff in 2023.
  3. Discussion on “How does Prop 13 work”. If you have any questions please contact Jordan’s office for further clarification. This is a huge property tax savings to any property owner.
  4. Home protection for Seniors, severely disabled, families, and victims of wildfire or natural disaster act. Call Jordan’s office to see if you or anyone you know qualify.
  5. Are you receiving the Homeowners Exemption on your Property Tax bill? When you pay your bill on April 10th, look and see if it’s on your statement. If not, fill out this form and return it to me via email at and my team will fast-track your application. The Homeowners Exemption gives you a $7,000 reduction in the assessed value of your residence. Resulting in an annual property tax savings of about $70.00 per year.
  6. Proposition 58/193″Parent to Child Transfers”, Proposition 58/193 “Grandparent to Grandchild, Prop 60Seniors exclusion from reassessment. In 2-21 Prop 19 replaced Parent to child, Grandparent to Grandchild. The new Prop 19 significantly negatively impacts the property taxes that will now be assessed. Call Jordan’s office for further clarification when planning to transfer your property for the most current information.
  7. Upgrade your lifestyle without increasing your property taxes! Are you over 55? You can transfer your current Prop. 13 valuation to a new property in any county in California. I’ve created a brief video to give you more information on how to do this, but if you have any further questions please contact me or my team of professional Assessment Staff.
  8. Protect your biggest asset – Sign up for Owner Alert! My office was the first in the state to offer this free service. In under five minutes, you can protect your home from title theft. All you need to sign up is your Name, Assessor’s Parcel Number (you can find this on your property tax bill), and an email address. We will notify you by email if anyone tries to fraudulently take your homes title. This is a must do for any property owner in San Diego and it’s so easy that three members of the Association signed up on their phones after my presentation. Sign up here to protect your home for free.

If you have any further questions about your individual situation, please feel free to contact Jordan at his cell phone number, 619-372-0226, or email him at